Pictured Vader (left)  & D'Arcy (right) - our first Champions



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"It's not what we write, it's not what we say,

it's how we remember you in our own special way."

Ben A.O.C. (Australian Obedience Champion - which was  made up of obedience & tracking titles) (Border Collie)  He is the boy that got Ian & Marilyn together.  Also affectionately known as Harry short for Harry Houdini, the boy that could perform the disappearing act. Leaping high fences in a single bound and climbing on shed roofs.  The boy who knew exactly what to do when he went back to the farm, which was to work the sheep, but only the stud rams!  (Pictured above & below)


Must keep those toes up, not allowed to knock the tiles off

Ben during one of his performances at a PAL Super Dog demonstration.  Those red & white blocks on the top of the box were all loose knock one off and you incurred penality points. The Super Dog course was run like a show jumping course, timed with penality points for knocking jumps or refusals. PAL Super dogs  was introduced well before agility trials.

Leah (Greyhound.)  An elegant blue and white girl from racing stock who preferred to be a couch potato except  for 10 minutes a day when she did her circuit of the back yard.  A greyhound who could also do obedience getting to trials standard. The girl who thought a pat was the best thing on earth, just ask Rex!  Ben's buddy. Sometimes known as 'Needle Nose' as her nose use to 'needle' into places it just didn't belong or one would expect it to go.

I can stay here just as long as you keep me company

Ben A.O.C. and his mate Leah doing a drop stay off lead out in the street, who said Greyhounds weren't smart!

Taurorn Beluschka A Z CD (Delta - GSD)  The girl who started Delaforce Kennels and produced some wonderful animals that have provided us and others with some very fond memories. Producing not only top quality show dogs but top quality obedience animals and most of all top quality family companions.  Our number one girl who bought a lot of joy to our family.

*Ch Delaforce Alvarado A Z BSCL:1 Multi Excellent (D'Arcy - GSD). From our first litter, our first home bred champion and Ian's most ardent fan.  Our squeak, our 'old fashioned' girl as someone once called her but what would she know!   Our girl who did it in both rings having in excess of 500+ challenge points when she retired, no Grand Champions back then. (There is more about D'Arcy on the home page)

*Ch Delaforce Alliance AZ BSCL:1   (Vader - GSD). Vader or Darth Vader as he was known as a puppy being so black, from our first litter, our second home bred champion from the one litter of which we were extremely proud.  Raylene's best boy and her best mate. (There is more about Vader on the home page) Pictured below - a picture of masculinity.

Vader @ 6 yrs (Ch *Delaforce Alliance A Z H-Neg BSCL:1)  a masculine male!

*Astasia Zola AZ BSCL:1  (Zee - GSD)  Our kong crazy girl every time we see the kong we see you.  I remember getting up at 3.00am when you were a puppy to put you back to sleep so you wouldn't wake the neighbours. Those horrible creaky doors it wasn't much fun crawling through the 'doggy door' on those cold winter mornings.

2007 sadly saw us farewell 2 more Delaforce Dogs to the Rainbow Bridge. We had to say farewell to Delaforce Gangsters Moll (Bonnie) loved companion and in your face girl of the Brown Family (Jenny, Lew and Trudy) and Delaforce Elliott Ness (Baxter) friend, confidant and constant companion of Deb Huddleston.  Hope you are both having fun at the Rainbow Bridge, chasing those balls.

Delaforce First Affair (Esse - GSD) Dear dear Esse Dog (named after Ian's bombers Essendon).  Fate bought you back to us. You weren't really one for the show ring but when you did go in the ring you did surprise us - a fourth in a large Puppy Bitch  class at the Adelaide Royal and a couple of In Group Awards.  You were a great watch dog and you had many a people bluffed, if only they knew that you were easily won over with a pat and some food.  How you loved your coat being brushed and you would just lay there enjoying the attention. Oh how all the boys in the kennel just loved you, now they'll all miss you  Sleep peacefully dear Esse dog along side of D'Arcy - your Mum.

Delaforce Boston  (Boston - GSD) 9th February 2008 saw David Green and his family farewell their mate and companion Delaforce Boston @ Boston (14/06/94 to 09/02/08) at 13 years and 8 months you had a great life old boy and the very best home.  How you use to wow the girls on you walks down jetty road. How the neighbourhood will miss you.  Peacefully falling asleep in one of your favourite spots, on your favourite bed.  So sadly missed, sleep peacefully dear boy.

Delaforce In No Angel A Z (Onja) 29th March 2009 sadly passed to the rainbow bridge now playing with her Grandma Zee.  Sweet sweet noisy Onja we will miss you our young one. You were a little pocket dynamo full of surprises , rest easy our grey girl.

Delaforce Jump The Far Q AZ (Arkie) - 19/11/07 - 09/03/10. It was with broken hearts that we let you pass to the Rainbow Bridge, missing you; you chair at the shows is now empty but we feel your beautiful loving spirit every day.  Our beautiful Rising star,  SA 2008  Reserve Minor Puppy Siegerin; SA 2009 Intermediate Siegerin.

Delaforce Laissez Faire (Jay J)- 09/02/10 - 13/09/10.  Suddenly without warning, it was so sad for such a young happy puppy to leave us. Playing with Grandma Zee

Australian Champion Elwick Summer Love (Poppy) - 04/09/2003 - 30/03/11 -Farewell my beautiful grey.  Poppy: The pop star; the popsicle or the 'Toothpick' to some, such a character.  You made me so proud of your achievements.  Missing you not being by my side.

*Delaforce Godfather AZ H-NEG Multi Excellent Graded (Vinnie) - 17/01/2002 - 25/08/2012 -A Denargun Browned Off son out of Astasia Zola, the only short coat puppy in a litter of 6.  Your destiny was to be with us. What can we say, The V 'man'' the one in a million dog. No you didn't like the show ring but your once a year outing at the Adelaide Royal was all about you.  You may not have come home with ribbons, but you came home with the  knowledge that you did the breed proud.  Sticking you head through the gaps in the picket fencing to get pats from the crowd while in the ring.  Missing your big lug head as you nudge it into my hand as we walk together.  10yrs is far too young my main man - 'The 'V' man; the big boy with the big heart love you lots. ♥♥

Vinnie - *Delaforce Godfather A Z H-neg BSCL:1 Multi Excellent

Delaforce Gangsters Mark (Kai) 17/1/2002 10/11/2014, nearly 13 yrs old, companion to Graeme & Helen Simpson.  Sadly time just caught up with you Kai. You had a great family to care for you, please keep watching over them while you have you wings at the Rainbow Bridge.


Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean
I'll miss you until
we meet again 

Ch *Delaforce Alvarado A Z BSCL:1 Multi Excellent                                                            Ch *Delaforce Alliance A Z H-Neg BSCL:1

Baby *Astasia Zola  A Z - (Zee) lost at age 4yrs



 Andrew Hueppauff 

 Sadly and  very unexpectantly on the 9th November 2006;  Andrew passed away.  

Our  'Mr HAVACHAT' as he was affectionately nicknamed by Ian;  again with Britt.   Remembering and missing those most treasured times during the early years when you started with this wonderful breed and started your own kennel.

Andrew came into our lives in 1994  at the MBE at WEST BEACH, South Australia when he first saw and then purchased his 'special girl ' - *Delaforce Bel Espirit A Z BSCL: 1 Multi Excellent (Brittany). We can still see him walking to his car with a 12 week old puppy in his arms.  It must have been fate as from that time until 2003 we had some really great times - a great and wonderful friendship was formed.

We fondly remember Britt's first excellent, at the GSDC of SA Champ show 1996, just 2 weeks into the class and it became a family affair.  Ian was handling Britt with not only Marilyn and Andrew double handling but Malcom (Andrew's dad ) as well; with mum Kathy watching on.  Malcolm went home with no voice and Andrew slept with his first excellent medallion.

There were boys trips away to Broken Hill  (what was that story about the slab of beer) and other destinations, weekends spent at our home with long talks into the early hours of the morning talking about GSD's of course, delivering puppies on wedding anniversaries, nights at the rugby, trips to the speedway with Graham, times at the beach and being security at club shows.   Andrew became a treasured  part of our family, treating our children, Lauren and Graham as if they were his sister and brother. Loved and dearly missed, lovingly remembering those pre 1998 days.  Unfortunately and very sadly this most memorable and wonderful friendship was slowly lost.

Sadly we say - Farewell  Andrew

'Tragedy struck us a cruel blow that day in 2006 as fate would have it;  it was the very same day that Ian's mother passed away receiving the information only minutes apart.' 


'A year has now past since you suddenly left us Andrew and there is not a day that passes that we don't remember that smiling face and those sparkling eyes, you are forever in our thoughts and hearts.  There truly was some really very special times.  Always loved.  How very sad it ended the way it did.'

Remebering you is easy we do it every day, its the emptiness without you that never goes away.
Sad are the hearts that love you, silent are the tears that fall

Another year always remembered, never forgotten

Cry not for him remember the good times as he watches over you

Those we love don't go away they walk beside us everyday
unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed so very dear.
Always remembered, always treasured


Di came into our lives through her beautiful daughter Tina in July 2007 and although knowing you only a short time it feels as if we have been friends forever.  You truly were an inspiration.  Di you got to see your daughter handle at the GSD national in 2008 and heard the wonderful words spoken by the German judge about Tina.  How proud you were of her that weekend. We had a few laughs together, shared some good times and had some really good chats; we will certainly miss all those times. 
You are always in out thoughts.

'You can shed tears that she is gone
or you can smile because she has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all she's left

Your heart can be empty because you can't see her
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember her and only that she's gone
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close you mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what she'd want:
open you eyes
and go on


On the 28th December 2008
We lost another dear friend
Earle Butterfield
who lost his  battle with cancer.

Thankyou Earle for you support, trust and Knowledge over these past years.
Peace at last our friend, no more pain.

Farewell Earle


Raylene Margaret Balneaves
My dearest sister passed away aged 66years on the 11th September 2013

'Ray' lost her battle with leukemia
love you forever my dearest Angel


"Those who are loved do not die, they live forever in our hearts." 


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